Carports & Driveways


Carports are a must to protect a car from South Africa’s harsh and unremitting climate. Parking your car outside in the elements means your car’s body and paintwork will not last the lifetime of the model and the resale of the vehicle will be badly affected.


Installing a well built Carport will enhance your property value as well as provide your vehicle with protection from the worst of our weather.


Give us a call.  We have the experience and know how to provide you with tested ideas and a Carport Blueprint and installation plan that is in line with your municipality’s By-Laws.


Additionally, if you need a driveway to complement the carport we can assist you in choosing the right medium for the driveway, whether it be paving bricks, cement or tar. 


With an abundance of styles to consider, we have the expertise and we are only too willing to help you chose what is best for you and your budget.

Example of a Carport Blueprint
Carport Design / Schematic

By combining and contrasting materials like wood, stone, concrete, aluminum, or glass we can  create visual appeal that can take a space from plain to contemporary.

We will provide you with a design that meets your requirements both architecturally and in line with your area bylaws.  As such, we have on hand architects and engineers who will draw up any additions to your property’s blueprints which will enable you to go ahead with Carport or Driveway.

We always endeavor to obtain the best materials within the constraints of your budget to ensure reliability and functionality of your Carport and/or Driveway for many years to come.

Often times a client wishes to repair or upgrade an existing Carport and/or Driveway. We are a phone call away.


Contact us to make an appointment.

Cement Pavers Driveway
Cement Paver Driveway
Driveway that adheres to the overall design within an Estate


A driveway is one of many home improvement projects that will increase the resale value and add kerb appeal enhancing the aesthetics of your home.


Driveways have several different surface types and there are typically four – namely Aggregate (gravel), Paving Stone, Asphalt and Concrete.


Some key factors to consider before you choose a driveway surface.


  • Aesthetics – Curb appeal is important in that you should
    consider the prevailing driveway types in your street or neighbourhood.
  • Budget – Your driveway installation or resurfacing costs will be affected by the following:
    1. Driveway dimensions
    2. Drainage features
    3. Design elements, such as curbs and lighting
    4. Adjacent landscaping, if any
    5. Labour costs
    6. Paving material

Decro has over 35 years of landscaping experience and for us the customer’s peace of mind is a priority. We factor in all of the above as perquisites and ensure that the driveway is within your local municipality’s By-Laws.

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