Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Systems

Tired of using hose pipes?  Want to save water?


Decro offers full landscape irrigation system design, installation and maintenance services to the Overstrand and surrounding areas. We also repair and upgrade existing systems.


There are several options for watering and many variables to consider.  Decro can design and install irrigation systems for any given landscape and water source (supply) system.


  • Scaled Design Plans.
  • Manual and fully Automated Systems, including remote control systems, installed in accordance with international and manufacturers best practice standards.
  • Fully experienced with all Rainbird, Hunter, Nelson, Toro and Orbit irrigation product ranges.
  • Minimum disruption of existing landscapes.
  • Our professional knowledge of plants and trees provides us with the exact watering requirements of each, thereby enabling us to facilitate efficient irrigation systems, not just water supply systems.   
  • A properly installed irrigation system is supposed to:
    1. conserve water
    2. to supply water to the landscape in the right quantity
    3. at the right time of day
    4. and only when required.
  • Borehole and Municipal supply connections.
  • Borehole pump repairs and replacement.
  • Storage tank installation and connections to irrigation systems.
  • Rainwater capture and storage systems.
  • Fault finding and repair of existing systems.
  • Routine maintenance (contracted and periodic)

For us an irrigation system should be fully efficient, waste no water, be easy to maintain, have the absolute minimum visual impact, and be pleasing to look at when in operation.

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Using the latest in computer design applications we offer Scaled Autocad Design Plans.

Additional we can install storage tanks and connections to irrigation systems

Manual & Fully Automated Systems.

Professional Installations of All Rainbird, Hunter, Nelson, Toro and Orbit Irrigation Product ranges.

With our extensive knowledge of many types of irrigation systems, we can repair or replace any component of an irrigation system.

We provide a six month warranty on any repair work we may provide. area.

Garden Irrigation Pop-Up Sprayers
Garden Irrigation Pop-Ups

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