Braai Areas

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Custom Built Braai Areas

Our custom built braai areas are highly functional as well as visually pleasing. Schematics of the Braai Area will be provided and additions made to your building plans as well as acceptance by your municipality will be included in our quotation.


We have built a reputation of providing the best advice and expertise with regards to building any additions to your home or business. Please feel free to contact us.

We are able to take a person’s dreams of a beautiful and functional entertainment/Braai  area and bring it to reality. As landscapers and property maintenance experts, we have over 35 years experience and guaranteed, we will always try our best to match our client’s vision.

We will provide you with a design that meets your requirements both architecturally and in line with your area bylaws.  As such, we have on hand architects and engineers who will draw up any additions to your property’s blueprints which will enable you to go ahead with the Braai Area build.

We always endeavor to obtain the best materials within the constraints of your budget to ensure reliability and functionality of your Braai Area/Entertainment area for many years to come.

Often times a client wishes to repair or upgrade an existing entertainment area. We are a phone call away.


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6 Keypoints when designing a Braai Area

Placement of Braai Area

 Factors to consider are:
  • How far is the Braai Area from the kitchen?
  • The prevailing weather conditions such as wind, rain and sunshine throughout the year.
  • How private is the Braai Area?

Knowing these factors will help you decide what is required in order to realise your dream of an entertainment/braai area that can serve you throughout the year regardless of the weather.


Choice of Braai Area

Some braai areas are more suitable for permanent installations, while smaller spaces require a more creative solution.  Many appliances are portable and available in a range of sizes.

What’s your view like?

Do you want to incorporate your garden into the design of your Braai Area or do you want to hide from your neighbour’s  double storey house? 

Ideas for privacy could be a simple enhancement such as screening with bamboo or trelliswork to enhance, distract or hide.



Appliances & Fixtures

Do you want to braai with gas or coals?  Do you wish to have a Pizza Oven?

One should consider all the scenarios.  Each of these considerations brings different requirements such as – Where do I store my gas bottle?  Where do I store my wood or charcoal?  Even to the extent of ensuring that those items are safely installed and secured.  Let’s not kid ourselves – Sadly, in South Africa everything has to be properly secured because of opportunistic criminals.  Security and safety plays a huge role when designing an outdoor entertainment/braai area or even an indoor one.  It requires Electricians, Plumbers and Gas Technicians if you install a Gas Braai or Gas Pizza Oven.  These require certificates and are extremely important when trying to claim insurance.

The introduction of fixtures such a lighting and wash areas (basins for washing of hands and/or salad preparation or hand washing and for the fisherman – a place to clean and scale fish) which requires plumbing and associated fixtures such as taps and pipe connections to greywater or sewer pipes.

Add a prep space for your Braai Area

Choice of Materials

Depending on your budget, clever use of materials such as stainless steel or granite countertop finishes or even polished cement surfaces will ensure that the braai area is easy to clean and keep clean.  Flooring is also important in that one should install flooring, whether brick, tiles etc.  that is impervious to grease or oil and easy to clean.  Show me one person that likes cleaning a braai area.  Having a braai area that is easy to clean should be one of the  uppermost considerations and any surface that discolours due to grease, oil and soot should be discarded.


Aesthetics & Comfort

Planning well in advance what type of furniture you require will set you up for success.  Ideally, furniture that can withstand the ravages of UV light, wind & rain are what is needed.  Bamboo is a material that is strong, long wearing and resistant to most weather.   It is one of the more popular materials for outdoor furniture, however there are others such as wicker, plastic and wood that are all equally resistant.  Soft furnishings such as cushions should be water and sun resistant.  Asking a company that specializes in   soft furnishings for boats would be advantageous.

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