More than just Plants


Although plants and trees are certainly important, it’s just one element of landscaping. The other is known as hardscaping.


Hardscaping has to do with all the nonplant design elements of a garden. In other words, all the paved walkways, walls, patios, ornaments and rocks constitute your gardens’s hardscape. Hardscaping is the foundation and anchor of landscape plans. Hardscaping should be carefully planned and implemented before starting with the softscaping.


Hardscaping incorporates several design elements to enhance the appearance of a garden. It provides continuity from a building’s interior to the garden and from the garden to the surrounding landscape. The solidity and permanence of the hardscape also offers an aesthetic contrast to the ever changing plants and trees in the garden.


To achieve aestethic harmony, the hardscape and softscape should compliment each other.

Hardscaping serves some very useful and practical functions.


Our hardscaping services includes the construction of patios, driveways, terraces, walkways, retaining walls, trellis and lattice work, pergolas, aviaries, waterfeatures, rock features, decorative brick and concrete structures, and much more.

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